Home made
Directly from the farmer to you
Authentic Lebanese Taste
Eco-friendly Package (Ability to send back the jar to recycle)


Ordering Mouneh has never been easier, our story-based eCommerce platform will help feel the Lebanese experience to the maximum.

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Browser Stories

Read stories, watch videos, and learn more about their ingredients.

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Order Mouneh

Select your desired products from your favorite farmers.

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Yay! Done.

Your Mouneh basket will be delivered to you in less than a week.

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Stories from all over Lebanon

We are not only providing authentic Lebanese taste, but we are also spreading stories from all over Lebanon. Farmers from mountains to valleys holding their secret recipes are ready to share their stories and provide you with the Lebanese real food.

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Personalized Shopping

Mouneh platform will help you design your favorite Mouneh basket, so you can pre-order what you need time ahead with the ability to auto-order at any defined date.


We are a sharp-minded team with demonstrated skills in Legal, Financial, and Technology affairs.

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Chaden Daif

Legal Counsel and Markets Management

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Georges Zakhia

Financial Management

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Waleed Chayeb

Operation Management


Here’s a roadmap of our startup to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to now and future updates.

Nov 2019

Enrolled in Agrytech program

Sep 2019

Apply to Agrytech program

July 2019

Team got formed

Jun 2019

Got a Message from Chef Sergio Herman

The team of Chef Sergio Herman tv show on the Belgian television, contacted us to learn more about the documentary video we prepared and to visit Mr. Labeeb in the mountain.

Feb 2019

Idea Initiated

Dec 2018

Mr. Labeeb Documentary Video

Preparing a documentary video about Arak local production

First Meeting with Lebanese Farmer